Kawasaki Likely To Launch An Electric Bike Based On The Ninja 300

ninja 300 electric

The recently approved patent quite clearly showed that the upcoming Kawasaki electric bike Will get a swappable battery setup

Many of you will already know by now that Kawasaki Motors is working on a new electric powertrain for quite some time now. They even acquired a patent for a detachable frame recently which looks identical to Ninja 300. The patent was filed way back in March 2013 and was finally published on March 27th, 2019.

The patent gives us a sneak peek on what Kawasaki has been working on for so long. Unlike some other incomplete electric patents which were out in March 2015 that showed only a sportsbike styled motorcycle built around on a trellis frame chassis. The new patent reveals an electric motorcycle which looks to be inspired completely by the Ninja 300.

The new patent that was approved recently even describes that the upcoming electric bike from Kawasaki will use a standard tubular frame. The left portion of the frame will be equipped with hinges that will help that part to open up completely. This will help provide access to the battery compartment easily. The rest of the patent reveals that the motorcycle will get a twin headlamp setup and a windscreen towards the front. The patent also reveals how the electric motorcycle will get the swappable battery mechanism.

ninja 300 electric version

The motorcycle will be powered by a lithium-ion battery. The primary battery will be operational whereas a secondary battery will be available as a backup. This swappable battery setup will help the user to exchange the discharged batteries with a charged one. The detachable portion of the frame will allow easy access to the battery compartment and also allow the user to easily switch the batteries.

That said, now after almost 6 years, whether Kawasaki still will consider the Ninja 300 platform for their upcoming electric powertrain is still unknown. There is a fair chance that Kawasaki might even consider the new Ninja 400 frame as well for their future electric motorcycle. The Ninja 400 frame could give an added advantage because it is lighter than the Ninja 300 frame.

However, it is still unknown at this moment when exactly Kawasaki is planning to reveal their future electric motorcycle to the world.