June 2020 Car Sales – Maruti, Hyundai, Tata, Mahindra, Kia, Toyota

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Maruti Suzuki posted 51,274 units in June 2020 as it contributed to the grand total of 1,17,133 units with 48 per cent YoY sales decline

After nearly two months of no-sales and production operations, the automotive industry got back to working ways in early May 2020. The month of June marked the first full month since February the sales operations were performed and the volumes, as expected, were better than the previous time out but it was still a long way from the industry getting back to normal.

With a total of 1,17,133 cumulative unit sales in June 2020, Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) stood at the top as ever ahead of Hyundai, Tata, Mahindra and Kia. It garnered 51,274 units as against 1,11,014 units with YoY negative sales growth of 54 per cent. Hyundai came home second with 21,320 units as against 42,007 units with 49 per cent decline.

Overall, the sales in June led to Year-on-Year de-growth of 48 per cent as 2,26,163 units were retailed. Tata Motors finished third with 11,419 units and when compared to the same period in 2019, 13,351 units were registered. This led to 57 per cent sales decline while Kia ended up fifth behind Mahindra with 7,000 units.

tata altroz vs tata tiago

OEM June 2020 June 2019 Growth
Maruti 51,724 1,11,014 -54%
Hyundai 21,320 42,007 -49%
Tata 11,419 13,351 -14%
Mahindra 8,075 18,826 -57%
Kia 7,000
Renault 4,634 5,400 -14%
Toyota 3,866 10,603 -64%
Ford 2,639 5,333 -51%
MG 2,012
VW 1,500 2,463 -39%
Honda 1,398 10,314 -86%
Skoda 790 987 -20%
Nissan 576 3,077 -81%
Fiat 350 843 -58%
Others 150 1,945 -92%
Total 117,453 2,26,163 -48%

Mahindra posted 8,075 units last month as against 18,826 units with 57 per cent de-growth for fourth position. Renault’s India division garnered a total of 4,634 units in June 2020 as against 5,400 units with 14 per cent volume drop while Toyota ended up seventh with 3,866 units as against 10,603 units with 64 per cent decline.

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Ford lined up next with 2,639 units as against 5,333 units with 51 per cent YoY decline and MG ended up ninth with just over 2,000 units. Volkswagen secured 1,500 units as against 2,463 units with 39 per cent de-growth while Honda recorded nearly 1,400 units as against 10,314 units with 86 per cent drop.

The sales fortunes of the Japanese manufacturer could improve following the arrival of the fifth generation City by the middle of this month. No other brands posted in four digit or above sales, as Skoda managed to post 790 units, Nissan with 576 units, Fiat with 350 units (Jeep Compass) for positions from twelfth to fourteenth positions respectively.