July 2019 Discounts On Sedans – Ciaz, City, Verna, Yaris, Vento, Rapid

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The entire lineup of C2-segment sedans is currently available with some attractive discounts in order to maintain the demand in the ongoing period of sales slump

The Indian car and motorcycle market has been going through a lean phase of sales, with most manufacturers reporting a sizeable dip in demand for their products. To maintain a steady demand through the period of a sales slump, producers of C2-segment sedans in the country are offering some great discounts on their vehicles. Here’s a look at the same-

1. Maruti Ciaz

The Maruti Ciaz has been the top-selling C2-segment sedan ever since it entered the market in October 2014. The Ciaz has been a hot-seller owing to its ultra-spacious cabin, refined yet frugal engines and easy maintenance.

Still, the company is selling it with some great discounts. Select variants of the Ciaz are available with a cash discount of Rs 15,000, while all the trims can be bought with an exchange bonus of Rs 35,000 in case you plan to sell off your old car to the Maruti’s True Exchange second-hand car wing.


2. Honda City

The Honda City has been the traditional rival of the Maruti Ciaz and have often managed to outsell its main adversary on the monthly sales charts. The City is a good all-rounder that offers a spacious cabin, powerful petrol engine, high fuel efficiency and a decent ride quality. However, in spite of the strong brand image it enjoys, the City is on sale with a cash discount of Rs 32,000, along with an exchange bonus of Rs 30,000 if you sell your old car to Honda’s Auto Terrace. This makes it all the more irresistible.

3. Hyundai Verna

Another popular C2-segment sedan of our market is the Hyundai Verna, which is in its third generation now and has managed to impress many with its powerful engine, sharp styling and a long list of features. The Verna is currently available with an exchange bonus of Rs 30,000 in case you sell off your old car to Hyundai. Other than this, you can even haggle with the dealer to offer you some additional discounts to further sweeten the deal.


Cars Discounts in July 2019
Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Rs. 15k Cash (Selected variants) + 35K Exchange Bonus
Honda City Rs. 32K Cash + 30k Exchange Bonus
Hyundai Verna Rs.30K Exchange Bonus
Toyota Yaris Rs.30k Cash + 10K Exchange Bonus
Skoda Rapid Rs. 45000 Cash + 30K Exchange Bonus
VW Vento (ComfortLine) Rs.60K Cash + 20K Exchange Bonus + 10K Corporate Bonus

4. Toyota Yaris

Unfortunately for Toyota Kirloskar Motors, the Toyota Yaris has pretty much failed to leave a mark on the C2-segment sedan buyers. Much of this has to do with the exorbitant pricing and the small cabin. However, the Yaris is among the most comfortable sedans out there and comes with a long list of standard safety features like 6 airbags.

The C2-segment contender by TKM is currently available with an exchange bonus of Rs 10,000, along with a cash discount of Rs 30,000. Bargaining at the dealership can even help you obtain some additional sweeteners.

5. Volkswagen Vento

The Volkswagen Vento is a well-built sedan that offers a decent ride quality, powerful engine options and a sufficiently spacious cabin. However, it’s getting a bit long in the tooth now and has pretty much failed to outclass its Japanese and Korean rivals.

No surprise, then, that its manufacturer is currently offering some great discounts. The Comfortline variant is available with a cash discount of Rs 60,000. Also, the car can be bought with an exchange bonus of Rs 20,000 and a corporate discount of Rs 10,000.

6. Skoda Rapid

Skoda Rapid Beats Toyota Yaris In September 2018 Sales

The Skoda Rapid can be safely regarded as a close cousin of the Volkswagen Vento and offers all the traits of its VW-badged sister, along with a slightly sportier-set suspension and more exciting engine-transmission combinations. The Rapid is available with a cash discount of Rs 45,000 and an exchange bonus of Rs 30,000. Also, thanks to the recently launched Rider limited edition variant, prices of the Czech sedan now start at Rs 6.99 lakh (ex-showroom).