JLR Met Ford and BMW for Building Battery Production Plant

Jaguar f-Pace launched in india

JLR met Ford and BMW for building battery production plant on a potential tie-up; could speed up the arrival of its first ever electric vehicle

The British luxury car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover seems to have held meeting with Ford and BMW over a potential tie-up for building a battery factory for electric vehicles. Key personnel from JLR are said to have held talks with the American and German auto giants for the production facility that would help power electric vehicles in huge volumes.

The global automobile industry is in for a major shakeup as the internal combustion engines are going to be replaced by battery powered vehicles for good measure. The impending huge revolution is testament to the fact that car makers are making changes to their production lines and increasing the output of electric cars.

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It’s also important to grab hold of a viable technology and stay at a step above rivals in the industry. For instance, Samsung the multinational electronics conglomerate has brought its way into BYD which is China’s largest EV producer. We detailed you the plans that Audi has in store to have a sustainable future with zero-emission vehicles as well recently.

With electric and hybrid vehicles shifting to mainstream market, there is increased pressure for other manufactures who are just finding their feet. Jaguar Land Rover is trying to put all its efforts in before too late as the success of Tesla would have fuelled the initiative. As Tesla speeds up with its activities to open the world’s largest lithium-ion battery factory and produce batteries in-house rather than outsourcing, JLR along with Ford and BMW are studying the viability of the same.

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Ford currently sources batteries used in the Focus Electric from LG and BMW buys batteries from Samsung. Although Jaguar Land Rover have an electric vehicle in its portfolio, it is looking at potential ways to sign a tie-up for a production plant that would help ramp up its development of electric vehicles and most crucially reduce the manufacturing costs.

JLR hasn’t confirmed officially anything yet but it is rumoured to be in the middle of creating a full-electric vehicle built around F-Pace’s architecture which could be called as I-Pace.
Source: The Times