JLR Confirms One SVO Model Each Year Until 2020

JLR Confirms One SVO Model Each Year Until 2020

JLR confirms One SVO model each year until 2020 with the unveiling of new base; first is reported to be a Land Rover model due for this year

Jaguar Land Rover opened a new dedicated base for the Special Vehicles Operations (SVO) last week. The SVO Technical Centre is located near the British brand’s facility in Coventry at an investment of £20 million. It will enable the performance division to speed up the production of JLR models carrying its badge.

The new factory spans 20,000 square metre and will be responsible for the manufacturing of one SVR model every year from now and until the end of this decade. The yearly production volume will be ramped up between 40 and 50 per cent from the current 3,500 targetted units. A new SVR model will be launched in the closing months of this year and is believed to be from the Land Rover stable.

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The existing models bearing SVO credits are Range Rover SV Autobiography, Jaguar F-Type SVR and the Range Rover Sport SVR. The brand new production base employs 200 skilled workers and a further 250 employees will be recruited this year to increase the work rate of the operations within SVO. The SVO Technical Centre is evident to Jaguar Land Rover’s commitment in making performance and luxury oriented vehicles.

SVO is relatively new to the JLR family as it’s been only a couple of years since the first product came out. Despite that JLR has built a no compromising facility that is inspired a “Formula 1 engineering centre” according to Managing director at SVO, John Edwards. It’s an all-under-one-roof base with the presence of corporate offices, an eco-friendly manufacturing area, technical suite, highly sophisticated paint shops and so on.

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Alongside producing new models, the vast premise will allow SVO to meet the personalisation demands of the customers. A total of £7.5 million has also been invested for the classic business division which is scheduled to open in the later parts of 2016.

With the growing popularity of the JLR vehicles worldwide, the company is expanding its main facility, and already received district council approvals, with a massive £500 million investment. The following image gallery will take you behind-the-scenes of Special Vehicles Operations’ Technical Centre:

Source: AutocarUK