Jeep Under Investigation For Poorly Welded Frames In Wrangler SUV

Jeep 75th anniversary wrangler

On September 17, ODI (Office of Defects Investigation) opened the investigation on Jeep after a petition was granted following an evaluation

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has started an investigation on Jeep for the alleged poor frame welding in the Wrangler JL produced last year in the United States. About 2.70 lakh Wrangler JLs are part of the investigation and they were manufactured in the MY2018-19 period.

The court case is not new though as in late 2018 the brand was petitioned to appear in front of NHSTA by a general citizen. The complaints mainly deal with lack of welding penetration, excessive slag, overall weld deficiencies, porous welds, weld drip, weld splash, over penetration of welds and so on.

They combined to have a drastic impact on the structural integrity of the off-roading SUV allegedly. The ODI (Office of Defects Investigation) wanted further time to analyse the issue during that time in order to hand over the requested investigation.

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In September 2019, ODI has given permission to open the investigation following the intimation to FCA earlier this year concerning the welding issue. The new investigation is in similar fashion to a recall on the Jeep Wrangler regarding the alignment of the weld on the front track bar.

This resulted in possible steering wobbles and the latest probe could also have connection with what was referred to as the death wobble that ended in a lawsuit against the Italian-American conglomerate. On September 17, Office of Defects Investigation opened the investigation on Jeep after the petition was evaluated and granted.

The Jeep Wrangler JL weld issues do not relate with the recall on Gladiator pickup truck. Only a few days ago, the Gladiator was subjected to a call back due to possible fracture on the rear axle driveshaft. Nearly 3,500 units of the Gladiator were affected that led to even a stop sales initiative