Jeep Dealership Staff Physically Abuses Customer In Delhi


CEO and staff of South Delhi’s Landmark Jeep were seen beating a customer who purchased a Jeep Compass

It is not very comfortable and amicable incident for an automaker when their authorised dealership’s staff beat their own customer at the outlet premises. Such thing happened with Jeep India, when the staff of Landmark Jeep dealership of South Delhi physically abused their customer who purchased a Jeep Compass.

A video of the incident surfaced online and created outrage. As per information, the customer came to the showroom and started abusing the staff first due to the delay in the delivery process of the Compass SUV he booked. He was quarreled at by the dealership staff after his accusation towards a female employee. The video shows several staff of the showroom hurling abuse and beating the man at the premises.

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Clearly this is a low point for the brand image of Jeep. While the brand trying hard to grab a strong foothold in the highly competitive market with its Compass SUV, such incident will surely impact the American auto major’s perception. Interestingly, FCA is trying to salvage its luck in the Indian market with the help of Compass SUV – the name of this car got involved in this unfortunate incident.JEEP COMPASS INDIA-19

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jeep Compass garnered pretty good response within short span after its launch in the country market. Priced between Rs. 15.16 lakh and Rs. 21.37 lakh (ex-showroom, New Delhi), Jeep Compass is available in both petrol and diesel models. Currently this bold looking car comes with a waiting period of around 2 months. It is presently the most affordable Jeep vehicle in the country market.

Thanks to this SUV, FCA India has seen improvement in their sales result. As we reported in October 2017, with the arrival of Jeep Compass, FCA India has seen its market share increased by 11.6% in the country’s competitive UV market. Since launch in the domestic market, Jeep Compass sold nearly 7,000 units here.