Jeep Compass Stolen From Outside Owner’s Residence In New Delhi – Video

Owner of the stolen Jeep Compass has shared details of the vehicle on social media, offering a cash reward in exchange for relevant info

Premium vehicles have always been a target for thieves, and we’ve seen plenty of reports over the years of stolen mirrors and badges from high-end cars. In some unfortunate cases, criminals even manage to break into a vehicle and steal it. This recently happened to Jasraj Singh, whose Jeep Compass was stolen from outside his house. He has shared CCTV footage of the entire fiasco.

The incident took place on the evening of 9th February 2021. In this video, we can see goons pulling up in an old Creta near the Jeep Compass, and one of them then goes out to inspect the vehicle. He returns after a few seconds, and the gang then drives away. A few minutes later, we see the same vehicle return and pull up near the Compass once again.

This time, the thieves seem to be prepared to steal the vehicle. One of the men then gets off their vehicle and begins to break into the Jeep Compass. He pauses briefly when random vehicles pass by, in order to avoid suspicion. A little while later, he successfully picks the lock and opens the door.

After that, he tries to start the engine, and we see the hazard lights blinking for a few seconds. After that, the man goes back to his fellow criminals and has a few words with them. The rest of the thieves then drive away, and the goon who broke into the Compass jumps into it and follows them.

The stolen Jeep Compass was a 2017 model, silver colour, with registration number “DL 12 CM 1188”. The owner has shared the details of the vehicle online, urging people to come forward with relevant information regarding the thieves or his vehicle. He is also offering a cash reward of Rs. 2 lakh to anyone who helps recover the vehicle.

It is extremely sad to see someone’s pride and joy stolen, that too from just outside their home, under CCTV surveillance. We urge our readers to never leave vehicles parked by the side of the road, as that makes them an easy target for such thieves. Always park your vehicles in proper parking spots, either with security or inside gated premises.