Jeep Compass: 5 HOT Modified SUVs in India


Modified Jeep Compass looks quite different on the road and ensures that your vehicle looks unique

Jeep Compass was launched in India as the most affordable product from the brand and it has gained quite a popularity. The Jeep Compass has been around for more than a year now and the sales figures have settled down at a decent number.

There are many Jeep Compass SUVs on the road and it is quickly becoming a common sight. Here are five hot modified Jeep Compass that you would not want to miss for the world!

1. Powerful

Jeep Compass diesel is a quite powerful in its stock form. It is the only vehicle in the Indian market at the moment that is powered by a 2.0-litre Multijet diesel engine. The engine produces a maximum power of 173 Bhp and a peak torque of 350 Nm.

Diesel engines are much easier to modify and the power output can be increased by the same use of easy methods like using a remap. This Jeep Compass has been modified with ECU remap and the job has been done by the Wolf Moto.

jeep compass wolf

With the ECU remap, the engine now produces a maximum power of 210 Bhp and 425 Nm of peak torque. It is an increase of 21% of power and torque. Such modifications make the vehicle more powerful but brings down the fuel efficiency.

2. Sporty

Here is a Jeep Compass that looks extremely good in deep blue colour. The Indian roads are not suitable for lowered cars and lowered SUVs are even rarer in the country. However, this Jeep Compass gets Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs and upgraded 18-inch Radi8 rims that add extra aggressive stance to the Compass.

jeep compass grid 7

It also gets a custom paint job. The blue colour seen in the picture is not available in the stock form and further makes the Compass very unique and different looking. There is a different blue colour that is a bit lighter in shade.

3. Kit Up!

Kit Up! is a popular modifying house from the Southern part of the country. Here is a Jeep Compass that gets subtle yet powerful modifications from Kit Up! and looks quite good. To start with the Jeep Compass seen in the pictures get dual tone body parts that make it very unique looking on the road.

Jeep only offers the dual-tone version with the top-end variant of the vehicle. People can spend less money on the variant and can get this job done.


Even the stock lamps of the Compass have been upgraded to the HID ones. Even the halogen fog lamps have been upgraded to the LED ones, making the whole set-up look very premium. To spice up the things, the SUV also gets an SRT badge in the rear.

4. Body kit

This body kit of the Jeep Compass adds a special look to the vehicle. It does not changes the things drastically but surely makes the vehicle look much better. The new body kit consists of a new red bumper that is inspired by the Jeep Compass Trailhawk.

The red highlights on the bumper adds the missing sportiness to the vehicle. The red colour on the black background and white body adds a very contrasting touch to the vehicle and makes it look very unique.


5. Custom variant

The Jeep Compass top variant, which is advertised everywhere looks quite different from the rest of the variants. The top of the variant gets dual colour paint job that looks very premium. It comes with a blacked-out roof and last pillar. As a dual colour paint-job, even the registration certificate of the vehicle gets two colours instead of one.

jeep compass 5

So if you get the lower variants painted from outside, it would be illegal as the car’s RC would not mention both the colours. The easiest way to upgrade to a premium variant is to put a gloss wrap on the body. It changes the look instantly while being legal.

compass modified

You can even put a wrap on the bonnet to make it look like the Trailhawk variant. The upcoming Trailhawk variant gets an anti-scratch pad on the bonnet that saves it from the hits. A simple wrap job will ensure that the upper half of your Compass looks like the Trailhawk.