Jeep Celebrates 75th Anniversary Since Inception, India Debut At Auto Expo 2016

Jeep 75th anniversary lineup 2016

Jeep Celebrates 75th Anniversary as the all-American off-road brand started operations in the year 1941 and this clearly big milestone for the brand

Jeep is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year around. Since its the numbers of birthday are so large, the celebrations are large as well when it comes to offering more to customers since ever before. Jeep Celebrates 75th Anniversary with a special editions for not just one SUV, but for the entire range which stands at six models.

The features for each of these 75th Anniversary Edition specials differs from model to model. The SUV’s each feature an available green paint job, wheels in a low-gloss bronze finish, orange trim on the inside with minimum accentuating done. The interiors on the other hand are upholstered in a unique mesh fabric, special badges which say ‘1941, Seventy Five Years’inside and out.

Jeep 75th anniversary India Cherokke

Jeep is trying to get convertible thingy also each feature some manner of open-air ideas. The ideas range from the fully convertible roof on the Wrangler hardcore SUV. Through the fabric roof panel on the Renegade which makes things windy. There is something more too with the more conventional power sunroofs on the modern SUV such as the Cherokee, Grand Cherokee along with Compass, and Patriot being part of it.

Jeep 75th anniversary wrangler

Jeep Celebrates with the shades of green paint depending on the model. The Compass, Patriot, Cherokee, and Grand Cherokee offer a different and unique Recon Green, the Renegade obviously get the brighter Jungle Green to match the places it goes. The Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited can be had in Sarge Green and demands respect for they way it looks now in that color.

The Wrangler on other hand, comes with the most prepared for off-road duty, packed with rock-crawling equipment. Axles options such as Dana axles with a choice of axle ratios can be chosen from. If you don’t like any of these colors, you can as always choose from the Palette that the company offers as always.

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