Jawa Scrambler 300 Spied Or Is It The New Yezdi? – CB350 RS & RE Hunter Rival

2021 Jawa Scrambler 300 Yezdi

Spy shots of a scrambler test prototype indicate that it could be an upcoming Jawa model or it may announce the comeback of the Yezdi in the near future

Just a few weeks ago, Honda introduced a new variant of the CB350 family known as the CB350 RS. Based on the well-received H’ness CB350, the RS carries a classic scrambler look and is offered with two new dual-tone colours, wider block pattern tyres, a more aggressive riding posture, etc. The scrambler trend has not really kicked off in India but the arrival of the CB350 RS could push other manufacturers to dig deep into the segment.

Royal Enfield is already working on a more compact version of the Interceptor 650 known as the Hunter 350 and it could act as a direct rival to the CB350 RS upon likely arrival later this year or in early 2022. It appears that Classic Legends could join the party with a scrambler type motorcycle of its own. Classic Legends’ Jawa brand sells three motorcycles currently in India: Jawa, 42 and Perak.

While the Perak created a niche of its own by being a bobber, the Jawa and 42 rivals the entry-level RE 350s and the Honda CB350 range. A couple of images sprung up on the internet indicate that Jawa might have commenced working on a retro scrambler. While the test prototype is certainly in its early stages of development, we are uncertain whether it is based on the existing Jawas or it could be of a new brand altogether.

2021 Jawa Scrambler 300 Yezdi 1

Late last year, we revealed that Classic Legends will bring back the Yezdi brand to India and it could be positioned below the current crop of Jawa motorcycles. Back in the day, Yezdi gained popularity courtesy of the Road King, Oil King, Classic, CL-II, Monarch, Deluxe, 350 and others. Classic Legends could utilise the strong emotional connection of the Yezdi with Indian customers to make the brand success on its return.

The test prototype does evoke the Yezdi’s of the past with a minimalistic, no-frills approach to design. A compact tail section is accompanied by tyre hugger, twin black gas shocks, slightly raked telescopic front forks, an upright riding position, tall set handlebars, front and rear disc brakes, wide rear tyre, single-piece seat, spoked wheels, circular-shaped rearview mirrors, slim tank, slightly rear-set footpegs, etc are clearly noted.

We do hope to see more details when the test mule evolves. Most of the design elements you see in the test prototype are not production-ready yet hinting that the Jawa/Yezdi scrambler could be more than a year away from making its official debut. Classic Legends look to be using a differently configured version of the 293 cc liquid-cooled DOHC engine as evident from the upward tilted dual exhaust pipes.