Jawa Forty Two or Jawa Classic – Comparison

Jawa Forty Two or Jawa Classic – Comparison

Find out which motorcycle suits your taste in this comparison review between the Jawa and Jawa Forty-two

Jawa motorcycle brand recently made a comeback in the Indian market with a bang. At the launch event in Mumbai, they have launched two new motorcycles including the Jawa and Jawa Forty-two while the iconic two-wheeler brand also showcased a third motorcycle which is called Perak. Although Jawa has revealed the prices for the Perak it will be launched towards early 2019.

Coming back to the two new motorcycles which were launched here both are powered by the same engine and share almost all the technical aspects with each other but the similarities end there. We will be comparing the Jawa and the Jawa Forty-two on basis of their styling, Prices, and Color.

Jawa Forty Two or Jawa Classic: Styling

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Like its rival Royal Enfield Jawa has also walked on the same path and has retained the retro styling in their newly launched motorcycles. Both the Jawa and the Jawa Forty-two looks equally good. The Jawa (Yes! The first model is simply called Jawa) which has been recreated to pay homage to the old Jawa motorcycles retains the overall styling the old Jawa 250.

The designers have kept the Chrome engine casing, faux fins and the cigar-shaped double barrel exhaust intact. The headlamp unit too looks exactly like the retro motorcycle while the analogue instrument cluster which has been perfectly positioned on the headlamp head has helped to keep things simple. We love the amount of chrome used in the motorcycle which helps in keeping the retro charm alive.

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The Jawa Forty Two which was launched alongside the Jawa has plenty of modern touches to it. The separate roundish headlamp unit, the offset instrument cluster, the single premium looking seats and the small rear fender all looks quite modern. However, the retro touches like the designer fuel cap, long stripes on the fuel tank, the double barrel exhaust and the spoke wheels will remind you of the yesteryears.

Compare both the motorcycle side by side and you will realize that the Jawa will suit those who are the original fans of older Jawa motorcycles or those who love to keep this as an additional motorcycle in their garage and ride it once in a while or in the weekends. The Jawa Forty-two, on the other hand, is a motorcycle which you want to ride daily and wants all your eyes on you while riding it.

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Jawa Forty Two or Jawa Classic: Price

Now if we compare the prices of both these motorcycles the Jawa Forty-two is the most affordable motorcycle amongst the two and will most probably also be the best seller amongst the duo. The Jawa Forty two has been priced at Rs. 1. 55 Lakhs (ex-showroom) the Jawa, on the other hand, is priced slightly at a premium of Rs. 1.64 Lakhs (ex-showroom).

Jawa Forty Two or Jawa Classic: Colors

The Jawa is available with three color options including Black, Maroon, and Grey. The Forty two gets 6 color options including Galactic Green, Halleys Teal, Lumos Lime, Starlight Blue, Comet Red, and Nebula Blue. We would have loved if Jawa has included a Black color with the Forty-two as well.

Jawa Forty Two or Jawa Classic: Verdict

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As far as the styling is concerned the Jawa will attract mainly the old Jawa enthusiast who has already owned a retro Jawa earlier. The Forty two, on the other hand, will attract the young buyers and those who want to get a taste of the real Jawa brand. The Jawa Forty two offers more colors than the Jawa and is also cheaper at the same time.

Apart from the styling, the motorcycles share the same 293 cc, single cylinder four stroke engine which produces around 27 Hp and 28 Nm and is paired with a 6-speed gearbox. They also share the same brakes as well the front gets a 280 mm disc while the rear wheels get a drum. Single channel ABS comes as standard with both the motorcycles.

If given a choice to choose between the two which motorcycle would you like to own amongst these two. Do let us know on our social media pages and comment section below