Jawa 42 Customised With Touring Accessories Walkaround Video & Details

customised jawa 42 with accessories 1

The touring accessories added to the Jawa 42 include a new handlebar, tall windscreen, well-padded seats, luggage mounts, and a custom pillion backrest

Only recently we reported about this customized Jawa 42 equipped with all the practical touring accessories. The customization has been carried out entirely by Mumbai based HDT customs. The owner of this Jawa 42 wanted to make sure that the motorcycle is comfortable for touring and that is what the folks at HDT customs have done.

Now here is a new video of the same motorcycle where you can watch all the modifications that have been carried out on the Jawa 42 in detail. To begin with, the motorcycle has received a completely different set of handlebar unit that replaced the stock handlebar of the Jawa 42.

The cruiser styled handlebar sourced from UM commando has helped in improving the ergonomics of the motorcycle by providing a more upright riding position. Besides the new handlebar, the stock seat of the Jawa 42 has also been replaced with a more comfortable and well padded fabricated seat. The custom bike maker has also added a custom pillion backrest for the comfort of the pillion.

Other important accessories that have also been added to the motorcycle include a luggage rack, a pair of auxiliary lamps for better visibility at night, and a windshield at the front to protect the rider from windblast especially while riding on the highways.

The owner of the Jawa 42 already owns a Royal Enfield Himalayan and has a pair of hard panniers for the Himalayan. He wanted to shuffle the panniers in between the two bikes so he requested HDT customs to build a mount on the Jawa 42 so that he could easily fit his Himalayan Panniers into the Jawa 42 as well.

customised jawa 42 with accessories 3

Apart from these changes, there are no other mechanical changes made to the motorcycle. The Jawa 42 is powered by a 293cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, fuel injected engine. The unit is capable of producing about 27.37 PS of peak power and 28 Nm of peak torque.

The stock Jawa 42 has a kerb weight of 170 kilograms and it is almost 23-25 kilograms lighter than its closest rival the RE Classic 350. The prices for the Jawa 42 single channel ABS variant starts from Rs 1.55 Lakh (ex-showroom) while the dual-channel ABS variant is priced at Rs 1.63 Lakh (ex-showroom).