Jaguar Land Rover Makes A Donation Of More Than 160 Cars

JLR donated 160 Cars to British Red Cross-1

Out of the 160-something cars that JLR has donated for this cause, as many as 60 models, including 27 Defenders, will be given to the British Red Cross

As the entire globe reels under the affects of a pandemic, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has decided to deploy over 160 vehicles around the world in order to support various organizations involved in the fight against the CoronaVirus. Of these, almost 60 vehicles, including 27 Defenders, are being given to the British Red Cross.

The vehicles that are being donated to the British Red Cross will be used to deliver medicines and foods to affected people across the country. Even the Red Cross organizations in Spain, France, South Africa and Australia will use these vehicles for similar purposes.

Similarly, the Jaguar Land Rover representatives in other countries around the world have offered the local aid teams with similar donations of vehicles. Most of the cars that are being deployed, particularly the Defenders, are being given for use as the company had to postpone the media and customer events of the new model.

JLR donated 160 Cars to British Red Cross-3

The company has also revealed that it has been working closely with the UK Government by offering them its research and engineering expertise, along with digital engineering and 3D printing, prototyping facilities, artificial intelligence and data science support in the fight against the deadly virus.

Jaguar Land Rover is also donating protective equipment, including safety glasses, to the NHS headed for the Royal Bolton Hospital, St James’s Hospital in Leeds and Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

JLR donated 160 Cars to British Red Cross-4

Speaking on this development, Finbar McFall, Jaguar Land Rover’s customer experience director, said, “The health and safety of our employees, customers and their families remains our priority. Jaguar and Land Rover will do everything we can to support people in need around the world. Our partnership with the Red Cross goes back 65 years and we will work hand in hand with them to do all we can during this global health emergency. We will also provide help to those closer to home in our local communities. We can all play a part in helping the vulnerable during this global pandemic.”