Italy Fines Volkswagen for Dieselgate by about $5.4 Million


Italy fines Volkswagen for Dieselgate; it has been one of the biggest scandals in world automotive history recently that shook the German brand

World’s largest auto manufacturer Volkswagen’s troubled time due to the Dieselgate scam is continuing. Now the automaker is slapped with a fine amount of $5.4 million in Italy by the country’s anti-trust agency. Interestingly, this is relatively lot smaller fine amount for the German automaker compared to the other fine amounts it has been slapped in recent past.

The Italian anti-trust agency says, Volkswagen is guilty for cheating the people in the country. The company sold vehicles by saying the cars met pollution regulations. However, the fine amount imposed by the agency is much lesser than several other financial penalties the VW is facing now. Still, the German auto major has pledged to appeal against the fine.


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Few days ago the South Korean officials have fined the Volkswagen with an amount of nearly $16. Not only that, South Korean authority has said, it would revoke the registration of 80 models in the country. Also the German state Bavaria has started investigation against the company and slapped a lawsuit as well. The state has claimed that due to VW’s Dieselgate scam it has lost a hefty amount from the state pension fund for the civil employees.


So far, the German automaker is facing probes from several other agencies across the countries. In US it has been slapped with several lawsuits. Also the company had to announce a recall program in US. Through this program the company will remove the emission cheating software from the affected cars, and compensate the affected owners.

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Dieselgate has been one of the biggest scandal ever came into light in the world automotive history. Last year in US the scandal came into light for the first time. Apart from several Volkswagen models, some Audi and Porsche models were also found fitted with emission cheating software. The affected TDI engines were emitting 40% higher pollutants in normal time, which was concealed during the lab tests.