Introducing The Toyota Century SUV: The Apex Of Japanese Luxury


Toyota Century SUV will be fully customizable on a global basis based on individual customer requirements

Toyota has revealed the all-new Century and it will be sold alongside its sedan sibling. The pre-orders have begun in Japan ahead of its market launch sometime this year. The Century nameplate debuted back in 1967 as Toyota’s premium chauffeur-driven car and the new model aims to stand its ground on the world stage with a slew of advancements inside and out.

The original Century was constructed with the best technology Japan had to offer at the time and it was based on the concept of a ‘dignified design incorporating traditional Japanese aesthetics combined with a human-centred approach to achieve outstanding quietness and comfort’. The Century has served as Japan’s chauffeur car of choice for over fifty years.

All the learning from the past has certainly influenced the new model which has been spawned under the concept of “The Chauffeur”. According to Toyota, the new Century will be fully customizable on a global basis based on individual customer requirements. It features characteristic chauffeur-driven car proportions with the centre of gravity concentrated at the rear, combined with an outline inspired by a loom shuttle motif.


With expressive lines, generous size, smooth-flowing door panels, and an upright front fascia with prominent elements, the 2023 Century SUV has gained a modern identity while sticking by the nameplate’s roots. The exterior is finished down to the finest detail in the hands of master craftspeople, as illustrated by the engraved phoenix emblem and the mirror finish and four swept-back headlamps and tail lamps.

The opulent cabin comes with fully reclining rear seats and finely honed auditory sensibilities and exemplary techniques of a musical instrument manufacturing master were incorporated into the development of the audio system. The rear doors open to a wide 75-degree angle and a sweeping cabin floor provides good ease of entry and exit.


The automatic retractable power steps and C-pillar grips support natural entry and exit as per Toyota. Under the hood, a newly developed 3.5L V6 plug-in hybrid system is utilised. The four-wheel steering system is said to provide easy handling at low speeds and seamless, natural handling at medium to high speeds. The Rear Comfort mode supports the driver’s control of the vehicle to ensure a comfortable ride for passengers at the back.