Internal Combustion Engines Will Be Dead By 2050 Says Toyota


Toyota predicts by 2040 electric powertrains will outrun the internal combustion engines; aims to become a major player in EV market

Toyota predicts by 2050, internal combustion engines will be dead and the electric powertrains will outrun the current conventional fuel powered engines by 2040. As the governments around the world are taking strict measures to bring down the CO2 emissions, the car manufacturers will be forced to adopt electric powertrain technology instead of internal combustion engines.

The Japanese automaker also believes that compared to 2010, the CO2 emission from vehicles will be reduced by 90% across the world thanks to the introduction of full electrification in automobile industry. It also believes that by 2040, automakers across the world will stop producing conventional internal combustion engine powered vehicles, but will lean towards manufacturing hybrid or plug-in hybrid models before entering fully electric powertrain era.


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With the automobile world thriving to adopt electric mobility, Toyota too wants to grab a sizeable chunk of the global EV market. The brand has been working with American EV manufacturer Tesla for quite long time, but broke the partnership earlier this year to work on its own EV strategy.

The Japanese brand is currently working on its long term EV plans that include adoption of advanced solid state batteries instead of current lithium-ion battery packs used by the EV manufacturers. The solid state batteries are claimed to be capable of delivering more running range compared to current lithium-ion batteries. Also, these batteries are capable of being charged much faster than the battery packs used currently.


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Toyota is gearing up to roll out its first fully electric powered car by 2020. However, despite the company working seriously on solid state batteries, its first EV will arrive with lithium-ion battery as its power source. But, the automaker claims, it will soon be able to use the solid state batteries in its electric vehicles and that will give the brand an edge over its rivals.
Source: Autocar