Inkas Superior Is An Armored Personnel Carrier That Can Take You Anywhere


The Inkas Superior can carry 14 people inside without any trouble and can go anywhere in aid of rescue or search mission

Inkas is a privately held Canadian manufacturer who specializes in security, manufacturing & development services. They have recently built a new armored personnel carrier and named it Superior. From what it looks like the name suits the vehicle very much because of its sheer size and weight.

Believe it or not but this vehicles weights around 33, 000 pounds courtesy goes to all the armor present on its exterior. The Inkas Superior is a CEN BR7 rated vehicle which can withstand gunshots from a 7.62 mm high power rifle and even two DM51 hand grenades.

This is a heavy vehicle and thus it is also powered by an equally powerful diesel engine. Underneath all the armor the Superior gets an inline-six diesel unit which is capable of making 330 horsepower and an impressive 1288 Newton-meters of torque. Obviously, all that power is transferred to all the four wheels of this heavy vehicle.

With all that power and torque on tap, the APC is capable of hitting a top speed of 130 km/h marks which although is not much but is enough to take the vehicle out of any critical situation. The vehicle can carry a total of 14 people safely inside. The Superior offers a lot of ground clearance and a hydraulic ramp towards the rear to provide easy access and exit for the occupants.

If anything goes wrong or in an emergency situation there is also an emergency escape hatch positioned on top of the vehicle. Surprisingly we haven’t seen any details in their official website which mention that it gets any self-contained ventilation system which would protect the occupants from biological or nuclear hazards. Inkas also offers a couple of optional accessories as well with the Superior which includes emergency light package, acoustic hailing devices, Front-mounted plow for obstacle clearance and also a Crowd-control barrier system.

Inkas is obviously targeting the Military and law enforcement agencies as their potential buyers however it also gets mirrors, turns signals, and proper lights which gives us a sense that it will be a street legal vehicle as well. We won’t be too surprised if we notice this vehicle on the streets of Dubai which is known for some crazy vehicles.