India’s First Wrapped Hyundai Venue Will Definitely Catch Your Attention

wrapped hyundai venue 1

Hyundai Venue is gaining massive popularity in the market and bookings have already crossed 20,000 mark and first-month sales stood at over 7,000 units

The all-new Hyundai Venue takes on the likes of Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza. While the dealership network of Hyundai has already started making the deliveries for the Venue, there are a few who have already begun to customise the vehicle according to their taste.

Now that there will be a large number of Hyundai Venue SUVs on the roads, it is always good to look a little different. Well, here are two Hyundai Venues, which are the first customised versions of the all-new model. Both the cars get a similar “Corp Class” look, which, according to the video, is for the corporate customers.

The idea behind the Corp Class look on the Venue is to give a unique identity to the sub-4m compact SUV while ensuring that the vehicle does not look very loud. For adding the look, customised wrap job has been done on the brand new Hyundai Venue. The video shows a similar job on a white, and a silver Venue and both of them look equally good.

The customisation job adds a few highlights on the front grille. The red highlights have been added with the help of a wrap. No permanent paint has been used in this job. The front hood gets graphical stickers that ensure a classy look to the Venue.

Further on the side, the vehicle gets contrast red highlights on the alloy wheels, wheel arches and the bottom of the door. The minimal wrap job looks outstanding on the Venue. No stickering job has been done to the rear of the vehicle.

It remains stock. However, the roof gets a gloss black wrap that adds a dual-tone effect on the car. It should be noted that Hyundai only offers the dual-tone colour option with the SX variant. All the other variants only get a single choice of colour.