Indian Traffic Laws to Become Stricter, Fine Amounts Increasing

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To curb the number of accidents and mishaps on roads the road transport ministry of India has proposed stricter laws and steeped fines for the offenders, alongside the suspension or even cancellation of license for serious offenders.

The road transport ministry has proposed higher amount of fines. For drunk driving, the ministry has proposed a fine of Rs. 10,000 and three months suspension on the license. Repeated offenders of drunken driving cases would be punished by imprisonment and their license might get cancelled as well. At present, the drunken driving offenders get penalized by six months of imprisonment or Rs. 2,000 fine for the first offence, while subsequent offence costs Rs. 3,000 fine or two years of imprisonment or both of it.

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Speeding is a major problem on Indian road and due to speeding irresponsibly in congested roads major accidents happen more often. The ministry proposed Rs. 2,000 for first time offenders while for the second time the offender will have to pay Rs. 4,000 as per the proposal. Presently Rs. 400 is charged for speeding at the first time, while the second time offence claims Rs. 1,000. Using mobile phone driving could also attract similar penalty.

Presently using mobile phone while driving can cost you Rs. 100 only for the first time and Rs. 300 for the subsequent offence. Alongside the higher fine the ministry also proposed suspension or cancellation of licenses for above offences, if happened repeatedly. The general offences like not wearing helmet or seatbelt, jumping traffic signal presently costs only Rs. 100 of fine, which is proposed to increase to Rs. 1,000.

In cases of juvenile driving the registration of the owner of the car or the guardian of the juvenile might get cancelled in near future. To discuss these proposals, the road transport ministers of various states will meet in Bengaluru next week. In that meeting final decision on these proposals will be taken.

Source: TOI

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