Indian Government to Start Random Emission Tests from 2020

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Indian Government to start random emission tests from 2020; comes as an after effect of the Volkswagen dieselgate

While the Volkswagen Dieselgate has affected millions of vehicles around the world, in India it seems to be bringing some welcome steps in the automobile sector. The Indian government is about to introduce a new rule which will enable random emission testing, for on road vehicles from 2020. Presently, the country has only lab test conditions to check the emissions.

The new measure will be taken to prevent the repetition of the Volkswagen Dieselgate like incident. Incidentally, like the rest of the world in India too cars from Volkswagen AG were found with emission beyond permitted level. The Indian government is preparing to launch the BS-VI emission norms, which will be in effect from April 2020; and the new emission testing rule comes as a part of the BS-VI norms.


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Reports suggest that, the real world driving cycle emission measurement will be followed for data collection during emission tests for on road vehicles. Study shows, that the cars emit higher on roads than in laboratory conditions, and this thing is a pretty common exercise around the world. Also, these things are largely found in the diesel cars, and Indian being a diesel prone market, such measures need to be implemented for the sake of environment.

In India rising air pollution has created great concern in recent times. In past few months we have seen the government and courts taking several measures to curb the pollution level in the country; specially the large cities. Supreme Court banned the 2.0 litre and larger diesel engines in the Delhi and NCR, which stayed nearly 8 months. The Delhi government implemented odd-even rule in the national capital in two phases to curb air pollution.


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So far, the large cities experience around 14% of the air pollution coming from the vehicle emissions. With the implementation of BS-VI emission norms the rules are about to become stringent. The new rule of emission tests for on road vehicles will also prevent the auto manufacturers for using emission cheating measures, like the Volkswagen did.