India Won’t See Driverless Cars to Protect Jobs


Indian government won’t allow driverless cars here in order to protect the jobs of drivers; planning to launch a cab app

Indian government has cleared that it won’t allow the launch of autonomous driving cars in the country. The decision has been taken in order to protect the jobs of the drivers here. Union minister for roads and transport Nitin Gadkari has said that his government would rather protect the jobs of millions of people instead of introducing a technologically advanced vehicle.

Self driving cars have been a subject of research and development from various auto manufacturers around the world for quite long time. Automakers like Volvo, Tesla, Mercedes, BMW, Audi have been working on this technology for quite some time. Several tech giants too have joined hands with the automakers. Some major cities across the world have already seen the introduction of driverless vehicles. While these are certainly technological marvels on roads, but these have been affecting the jobs of drivers.

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Speaking about the driverless cars, Tesla and Volvo are two auto majors that have progressed significantly with this technology. Tesla is all set to run a driverless car at the Los Angeles Motor Show later this year. Tata Elxsi, the design and technology firm under Tata Group is also working on the self driving technology.

However, the minister also indicated that the decision of not allowing the driverless cars in India won’t be a permanent decision. Therefore in near future, we may see the self driving vehicles plying on the country roads. Meanwhile, the Indian government is also working on a new app for cab booking that will compete with private operators like the Ola and Uber. As the minister has said, millions of jobs are being created in the transport sector by truck and taxi aggregators.

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Current the plan of launching such an app is in primary stage. Such an app is claimed to help more people to be employed in the transport industry. The app based cab service like Ola and Uber have become pretty popular in the country with their service expanding fast. With the government app, we may see the conventional taxi operators enrolling themselves in a similar service like the private operators.