India Tops Countries With Most Deaths Caused By Pollution


Study shows around 2.5 million people prematurely died in India in 2015 due to illness linked to environmental pollution

Environmental pollution has been a big problem around the world causing a large number of premature deaths every year alongside resulting in global warming and several other problems. India tops the list of deaths due to pollution in 2015 with around 2.5 million people died that year in various illness that are linked to environmental pollution. A total of 9 million people died in that year around the world.

The number of death in 2015 due to pollution is much higher than the combined number of deaths due smoking, hunger and natural disasters. The reports come right when the country experienced Diwali a time when pollution level goes up around the country, specially in major cities due to the smoke released from firecrackers. Also, it comes at such time, when India is advocating for greener mobility.

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As it can be seen, the deaths due to pollution are largely attributed to developing countries. The lack of environmental regulations can be seen as a major reason behind such grave scenario. In India, a large number of vehicles that are older than 10 years, run on roads and these vehicles contribute significantly in environmental pollution.

India is seen as a country with major amount of diesel consumption. That too is a reason behind the pollution. Apart from that, the factories near the major cities contribute a large number of pollutants to the environment. No wonder, this horrible situation is worsening day by day. The only ray of hope is that Indian government is taking some steps in order to curb pollution level.

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One of the pollution curbing measures is introduction of electric mobility. The government has decided to introduce zero emission pure electric mobility across India by 2030. Also, it is appealing the auto industry to develop and use alternate power sources for the vehicles.