India Is Going Digital As You Won’t Need To Carry Original License, RC & Insurance


Central Government is planning to amend Motor Vehicles Rules to make it legal for citizen to carry digital documents

If you don’t carry original license, RC or Insurance or any other important documents regarding your vehicle, traffic police will fine you for this. Finally our country is also moving towards digital revolution as Central Government is planning to amend Motor Vehicles Rules to make it legal for citizen to carry digital documents.

People need to use government cloud based service DigiLocker to store all necessary documents and traffic police need to accept this digital documents. He/She can access all these documents via smartphone or any other digital devices, which makes it very convenient as this was one of the rules, which was pending for sometime.

Another advantage of storing these documents online is that it can be shared with other departments as identity and address proof. Even though car/bike can store paper documents safely but chances of losing them is very high and in rain especially for two-wheelers its very hard to keep them in good condition.

These important documents can be stored safely in home. This will be certainly helpful for taxi, auto and truck people as they need to carry multiple documents and these can be stored easily on DigiLocker. As most of them use smart phone, it can be easy to carry them digitally rather than papers as they don’t need to worry that it might get lost.


The Government is also going to increase capacity of trucks by 20-25 percent depending on model and scrapped mandatory annual renewal of fitness certificates for freight carries. Instead, they need to renew fitness certificate only two years from now on and this will certainly help people to increase profit.

The Central Government has also made it mandatory that all heavy vehicles carrying materials like sand, soil and cement, which increase air pollution must be transported only in a closed body. To reduce traffic block in tolls, the government has also proposed installation of FASTags on front windscreen, which transfer toll amount directly from your connected account within seconds.