India Focusing on EVs over Hybrids for its Green Car Plan

India bound Tesla Model 3 launched

Indian government plans to make entire vehicle fleet in the country electric powered by 2032; could setup a battery plant next year

Indian government has already cleared its intention to make the entire vehicle fleet of the country electric powered by 2032. For that, government is focusing on the all-electric vehicles instead of hybrid models. In a 90 page draft made by the Niti Aayog, the planning shifts its focus toward electric mobility and for that there is a proposal of a government run battery plant as well.

Interestingly, Indian government could set up a battery plant next year that will enable the automakers to use the made in India batteries for their EVs, significantly reducing the pricing of the all-electric cars. Currently, apart from Mahindra there are no other automakers selling electric vehicles. But, with American EV maker Tesla gearing up to launch its Model 3 here and the Nissan also eager to launch Leaf EV as a pilot project number of EV sellers could grow soon.

Mahindra e2o Plus 2017 Green Mobility Expo Delhi 2

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Currently, there are several auto manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra, Toyota are selling hybrid cars that employ an electric motor alongside the conventional internal combustion engine. But, as Indian government is aiming toward achieving complete green mobility, the all-electric vehicles are getting priority over the hybrid vehicles that are not zero emission models at all.

With this new green mobility policy, we are likely to see the government withdrawing its current subsidies offered for the hybrid vehicles. No wonder, this will make some automakers like Mahindra and Toyota worrying as they grab a large share in the hybrid car market of the country.

Mahindra e2o Plus 2017 Green Mobility Expo Delhi 1

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Indian government believes with this new strategy and the new mobility policy it will be able make a significant impact domestically and globally as well. Electric powertrain is one of the major sectors in the world automobile market, where several auto majors are working on and if India thrives toward becoming an all EV market, it could become a major space for those brands.

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