Increasing Deaths Emphasise The Need To Wear Seatbelts

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A large number of deaths in road accidents around the world are attributed to not wearing seatbelts

As the numbers of cars are increasing around us, the numbers of road accidents too are surging. Every year a large number of people around the world die due to road accidents. While some die due to lack of safety features in their car, many die due to negligence towards basic safety precautions and one of them is not wearing seatbelt.

A major number of car drivers and occupants neglect the need of wearing seatbelts and as a result they make themselves pretty much vulnerable in case of a mishap. Many accidents end up taking lives just because of the victim not wearing seatbelt. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 10,428 people died in USA in 2016 just because of not wearing seatbelts. The number is higher in many other countries like India.

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While governments around the world have been constantly trying to grow awareness among the car owners to use seatbelts, a major number of people don’t pay heed to the advice. Not only that, drunk driving has been a major killer around the world. In 2016, 10,497 people died in road accidents across USA that were related to drunk driving.

Apart from that, speeding and reckless driving are also major reasons behind road accidents and a large number of deaths as well. NHTSA report says that 10,111 fatalities in 2016 were related to speeding and it grew by 4% compared to 2015. Well, such reasons behind road accidents are very common across the world and in our country too these are behind the death of many people.

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In India central government is trying to reduce the number of deaths due to road accidents by implementing several measures. These include significant hike of the fine amounts for violating traffic rules, improving the road conditions as well as making several basic safety features mandatory. No wonder, these efforts are very commendable indeed. But, it’s not just government’s duty, but it’s also people’s responsibility to follow the rules. After all, it’s about saving their own and their loved one’s lives. We urge to our readers follow the traffic rules, use seat belt, don’t drink and drive.