In-Depth Review Of The Land Rover Defender By Supercar Blondie

land rover defender review

The two-door Defender 90 in India is priced from Rs 69.99 lakh onwards, while the four-door Defender 110 starts from Rs 76.57 lakh (both prices, ex-showroom)

Alex Hirschi, famously known as Supercar Blondie is one of the biggest car influencers in the entire world with over four million subscribers on YouTube, and this time around, the social media star has reviewed the 2020 Land Rover Defender, which was launched earlier this year. The variant that the YouTuber has used for the video is the range-topping four-door Defender 110 First Edition, with all the bells and whistles.

The 2020 Land Rover Defender is a purpose-built vehicle, and that purpose is off-roading. Hence, Supercar Blondie in her video reiterates that “It’s not meant to be your classy SUV. This is really made from materials… for practicality.” Take a look at the full video below –

Hirschi goes on to showcase a host of features that the Defender 110 First Edition comes equipped with, some of which include a rear-view camera mounted on the shark fin antenna of the SUV. The camera can be activated by just a flick on the inside rear-view mirror, which then turns into an LCD display monitor for the camera. This feature is especially useful in long vehicles and SUVs, since not everything that’s behind the car is visible from the standard IRVM.

The gear-lever of the car has not been placed in the conventional position, since the console between the front seats can be flipped into a third seat, which just goes on to highlight the practicality of the 2020 Defender. In addition, the said compartment also has a built-in refrigerator to help you keep your drinks cool while you enjoy your off-roading escapades.

Hirschi then goes on to use the touchscreen infotainment system to lower the Defender’s ride height. This is possible because of the SUV’s Electronic Air Suspension, which lets you select anywhere between an access height of 40 mm below the normal ride height, to 145 mm extended ride height for extreme off-road conditions. The SUV has a massive wading depth of 900 mm.

It should be noted that the four-door Defender 110 First Edition used in the video is a limited run model, and the British luxury carmaker only plans to make one production run of the said variant.