Hyundai’s Genesis G90 Flagship Sedan Exceeds Expectation In Review

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2022 Genesis G90 gets five screens, 22-way adjustable driver seat, Max Comfort mode, UV mobile device cleaner, air suspension, etc

Ever since the Genesis sedan came out under the Hyundai badge, the itch for creating a new subsidiary was just too tempting. In a similar fashion to its Japanese counterparts, Hyundai announced the Genesis as a standalone luxury carmaker and it has been making some drool-worthy machines of late and here we take a look at the 2022 Genesis G90 sedan.

The Genesis lineup now has SUVs and sedans to choose from that compete directly against the German trio of Audi, BMW, Mercedes along with Jaguar, Lexus, Volvo and others. The new generation Genesis G90 created quite a buzz when it made its global debut and it looks to make huge waves as the initial impressions from reviewers are more than positive.

Squarely aimed at its Japanese and German luxury rivals, the new G90 is already available in its home market of South Korea and is packed with features pertaining to safety, entertainment, comfort, driver assistance, convenience and connectivity. To start with, it boasts Max Comfort mode for the rear seat as it helps in reclining the back seat fully.

It also lowers the front seat before extending a footrest from the co-passenger seat at the front. It is fitted with five individual screens: a central control screen for the rear seat occupants, driver info display, infotainment at the front, and individual infotainment screens for each person at the back.

Other highlights in the 2022 Genesis G90 are wireless charging pad, UV mobile device cleaner, navigation provision for the rear occupants as they can set it to command the driver, 22-way adjustable driver seat, automatic door closing function, air suspension, all-wheel steering and a latch operable via a button, etc.

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As for the performance, the twin-turbocharged V6 engine kicks out 375 horsepower and is sent to all four wheels. The powertrain is linked with an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The new Genesis G90 will start reaching global markets along the course of this calendar year and it will be launched in the United States in late 2022.