Hyundai’s First-Ever Electric Minibus Offers 250 Km Driving Range

Hyundai Electric Mini Bus-2

County Electric minibus is the first of many Hyundai commercial EVs that the brand plans for its home market of South Korea and beyond

Promoting the electrification of vehicles, Hyundai has launched its first electric minibus in South Korea. Dubbed ‘County Electric’ by the company, this minibus serves as an alternative to the regular stock of diesel-powered buses.

Yoon Lee Vice President and Head, Hyundai Commercial Vehicles said: “County Electric is a zero-emission bus that offers tremendous safety and convenience features for drivers and passengers. With demand for electric vehicles rising in the commercial vehicle market, Hyundai is accelerating its introduction of vehicles such as the County Electric”

The Hyundai County Electric draws power from a 128 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. On a full charge, the company claims a driving range of approximately 250 km, which is quite impressive. The battery can be fully charged within 72 minutes via a DC fast charger (150 kW charging). Charging via a regular 220V outlet is also possible, although it takes 17 hours! Fast charging is thus the only practical option here.

Hyundai Electric Mini Bus-2

The electric motor on the County Electric gives it better performance in city traffic than an equivalent diesel bus. Up to speeds of 80 kmph, Hyundai’s electric minibus also offers 30 per cent better acceleration, as claimed by Hyundai. The bus comes with hill launch assist, stability control, and wheelspin prevention. The most impressive feature, however, is the multi-level adjustable regenerative braking, similar to the one seen on Kona EV.

The minibus is 7.7 metres long and is available in multiple seating configurations, ranging from 15 to 33 seats. It has plenty of active safety features as well. There are sensors on the door to prevent them from closing while passengers are entering or leaving the bus. Also, the bus prevents acceleration from a standstill if passenger movement is detected. There is an artificial engine sound system to warn surrounding traffic and pedestrians, along with parking assist.

Hyundai Electric Mini Bus

The County Electric comes with Air-Over-Hydraulic (AOH) braking system with heavy-duty disc brakes on all wheels. It is electronically controlled and is specifically designed to handle the weight of the heavy batteries. There is a rollover preventions system on-board, which adjusts motor speed and braking to prevent the bus from tipping over.

Apart from being utilitarian, the minibus also offers a few convenience features. The driver’s seat is heated and ventilated. There are three displays for the driver – a main 7-inch LCD display and two auxiliary 4.2-inch screens – which show different information regarding the vehicle. The steering wheel has integrated buttons for various purposes, and the smart key allows for remote vehicle start.