Hyundai Vision T Concept Gives Glimpses Of Brand’s Future SUV Design Language

Hyundai Vision T Concept_
Hyundai Vision T Concept

Hyundai Vision T concept is the seventh HDC design study indicating the future of the brand’s SUV design philosophy

Hyundai has unveiled the radical Vision T concept at the ongoing 2019 Los Angeles Motor Show. It is the seventh Hyundai Design Center Concept and is a hybrid SUV with a focus on innovation, environmental friendliness and ‘functional dynamism’ as a core vision according to the brand.

The futuristic Hyundai Vision T concept is the next evolution into the South Korean brand’s Sensuous Sportiness global design language. SangYup Lee, Senior Vice President and Head of Hyundai Global Design Center said that the design solutions are not just innovative but add emotional value to the vehicle overall.

Hyundai says the styling of the Vision T aspires to be on the cutting-edge of the most dynamic SUV designs. The global auto giant has pursued the route of an adventure SUV body style as evident from the big wheels and high ground clearance without compromising on the exterior.

Hyundai Vision T Concept 1

It comprises of a matte-green paint job as well as coupe-like roofline, stacked LED front lighting elements, heavily racked windshield, sharp body panels, an upright front fascia, squared wheel arches, illuminated Hyundai logos up front and rear, and a slick rear end with LED strip covering the width.

The Hyundai HDC7 has a long hood and wheelbase alongside short overhangs, geometric angles and edges to create a striking contrast between a sleek silhouette and masculine wedge lines. The concept measures 4.61 m in length, 1.7 m in height and 2.01 m in width with a wheelbase of 2.8 m.

Hyundai Vision T Concept 3

It is powered by a plug-in hybrid system and has the charging port located on the front side quarter panel with a sliding cover. When plugged in, “Blue Drive” is illuminated below the port and the state of battery charge is shown. The evolution of a Hidden Signature Lamp derived from the Le Fil Rouge and Grandeur Face Lift can also be noted.

At higher speeds, the Parametric Air Shutter actively adjusts both aerodynamics and design appearance with fuel efficiency in mind according to Hyundai but when stationary, the grille is closed and static.