Hyundai To Showcase NEXO FCEV At 2020 Auto Expo – Officially Announced


Hyundai has confirmed that it will be showcasing its fuel cell-powered NEXO SUV as a part of the revolution for a cleaner future

The Hyundai NEXO is a hydrogen fuel cell-powered crossover SUV which emits only water from its tailpipe. While hydrogen-powered cars are still a thing of the future, at least in developing countries, Hyundai will be showcasing the NEXO in India at the 2020 Auto Expo, set to take place from 7 to 12 February.

The NEXO, like all other hydrogen fuel cell-powered cars uses hydrogen to provide electricity to its electric motor. The motor puts out 161 PS of maximum power, and has a peak torque output of 394 Nm.

With a refuelling time as low as 5 mins, and a WLTP claimed driving range of 666 km (414 miles), the NEXO FCEV proves that hydrogen-powered cars are eco-friendly, and yet are still practical.


The NEXO also holds the world record of travelling the longest distance by any production hydrogen-powered FCEV. The car managed to travel 778 km across France on a single tankful of hydrogen, and was still left with about 49 km of range at the end.

Hyundai has also equipped the NEXO with an advanced air purification system which removes PM 2.5 fine particulate matters from the air. In short, the car cleans the air around it, as it drives. Hyundai claims that a single NEXO driving on the road for an hour could purify 26.9 kg of air, which is about the same amount of air that 42 adults breathe in an hour.

The Nexo was recently spotted loaded on a truck in Greater Noida area, which was most likely making its way to the India Expo Mart, where the 2020 Auto Expo is set to be held this week.

Hyundai will be showcasing a total of 13 cars, concepts along with future technologies under the ‘Freedom in Future Mobility’ theme. As a part of the revolution for a greener and cleaner future, the Korean carmaker will showcase the Kona EV, along with the NEXO FCEV.