Hyundai’s Latest Tech Helps Every Car Occupant Listens To Own Music

Hyundai Separated Sound Zone

Hyundai Separated Sound Zone (SSZ) technology helps every passenger enjoy preferred type of music without using headphones

Soon, family members won’t have to argue with each other on the type of music to be played on the car’s audio system. Thanks to the next-generation Separated Sound Zone (SSZ) technology from Hyundai, every car occupant can enjoy own music without having to use headphones. The occupants can even freely communicate with each other whilst listening to their preferred type of music.

Separated Sound Zone (SSZ) technology works by controlling the acoustic fields inside the car using a batch of high-tech speakers. These technologically advanced speakers use various scientific principles to modulate the sound waves, minimize the ovrerlap of sounds and enable vehicle occupants to enjoy their preferred choice of music without causing any inconvenience to other passengers. As per Hyundai, its Separated Sound Zone (SSZ) technology works much like the noise cancellation feature that many modern headphones come equipped with.

Other than allowing every passenger to enjoy his own music, SSZ also helps them manage their own phone calls using the hands-free features offered by the car. More importantly, the SSZ technology can also isolate important sounds, including those of the navigation system, solely to the driver. By doing so, the system helps other car occupants enjoy their journey without unnecessary interruptions.

“Customers in the autonomous navigation era will demand increasingly customizable entertainment options within their vehicles, which includes technological innovations such as the Separated Sound System,” Kang-duck, a Hyundai NVH Research Lab research fellow commented. “I hope by providing drivers and passengers with tailored, independent audio spaces, they will experience a more comfortable and entertaining transportation environment”, he added

The South Korean auto major has said that it will launch the SSZ technology with its future production cars within a couple of years. Safely expect this technology to remain restricted to some top-end models for at least some years to come