Hyundai Saga Concept Previews All-Electric Future Hatchback With 470 Km Range

Hyundai saga concept 5

Hyundai Saga concept uses same drivetrain as the India-bound Kona EV and it is claimed to have 470 km range on a single charge

Hyundai had been teasing a mystery concept prior to the 2018 Sao Paulo Auto Show and the days leading up to the motoring exhibition did give us glimpse into what was brewing under the curtain. When the time came in Brazil to see it unfold, we definitely were spellbound and not disappointed one bit.

Good thing is, the Hyundai Saga concept won’t just stay as a futuristic study and it has all the muscle to enter production in the coming years. The zero-emission vehicle, more crucially, gives us a preview of the next generation HB20X (adventure styled variant of HB20) and it measures 4,028 mm in length, 1,794 mm in width and has height of 1,570 mm with wheelbase stretching to 2,560 mm.

The concept has a massive ride height of 302 mm that may not make it to production. In short, the Hyundai Saga concept renders a distinct identity of how the South Korean brand’s all-electric future will look like. It was designed by Hyundai Design North America in collaboration with Hyundai’s Product Planning division in Brazil.

The exterior does bear some resemblances to the global lineup of Hyundai but with a little more imagination put into it. The body panels are fluidic in nature but the front and rear ends have sharp design elements. The unusually wide front grille is accompanied by skid plates, big wheel arches, fat tyres, floating roofline with integrated spoiler, sporty taillights, etc.

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Hyundai says the Saga EV uses the similar drivetrain as the Kona electric version that will be launched next year in India. The highly capable 64 kWh li-ion battery pack is coupled with an over 200 hp producing electric motor and it enables a range of 470 km. In less than an hour, the concept can be charged to 80 percent using a fast charger according to Hyundai.

In 2019, the Kona EV will be accompanied by a subcompact SUV for Indian consumers while the next generation i10 and i20 are expected to arrive later next year and in 2020 respectively. A brand new Creta also appears to be in the pipeline with more premium features and option of seven seats.

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Image source: Twitter