Hyundai Offering Heavy Discounts In March 2023 – All Details

hyundai nios

Check out what discounts Hyundai is offering in its range of hatchbacks and sedans in the month of March 2023 in the Indian market

Hyundai is providing significant discounts on a range of its models this March. These reductions come in the form of cash savings, exchange offers, and corporate perks. These models include only the Grand i10 Nios (CNG & Petrol), Aura, and i20, although Hyundai isn’t giving any discounts on its more popular SUVs.

Hyundai Aura

The first car that Hyundai is offering discounts on is the Hyundai Aura. The Aura CNG trims have the most discount with 20,000 as flat cash discount to all customers, 10,000 INR as an exchange bonus for your old car (plus the value of your old car) and additional 3,000 INR for POI/corporates.

hyundai aura facelift-6

This sums up to be 33,000 INR, a respectable sum. All other petrol variants also have the same exchange bonus and corporate discount, except that the flat cash discount to all customers is only 20,000 INR. thus bringing down total benefits to 23,000 INR only.

Grand i10 NIos

Next car is the popular hatchback i10 Nios. The hatchback recently was discontinued in its diesel and turbo petrol avatars, and is now offered only in NA petrol and CNG. The Magna variant with the manual transmission attracts the most discounts, with 25,000 INR as cash discount, 10,000 INR as cash bonus, and 3,000 INR for POI/Corporates, bringing the total sum as 38,000 INR.

2023 Hyundai Grand i10 Nios

All CNG trims, Era and Sportz Executive manual get the same exchange bonus and corporate/POI discount, with the cash discount being a whopping 10,000 INR lesser, i.e 15,000 INR, making a total discount of 28,000 INR. The Sportz and Asta variant gets the least cash discount at 10,000 INR, and as usual both get similar POI/Corporate discount and exchange bonus, therefore attracting a total discount of 23,000 INR.

If you’re looking for an AMT, however, the discount is limited to the exchange bonus and POI/Corporate discount without having any direct cash discount. The total discount offered on this is only 13,000 INR.

Hyundai I20

Lastly, Hyundai offers discounts on the i20 on their Magna and Sportz variants. The cash discount is limited to 10,000 INR, while the additional exchange bonus is also 10,000 INR, initiating a total discount of 20,000 INR.

hyundai i20 Nline-19

These discounts and offers available make buying a Hyundai car easier and more affordable on the pocket. If you’re looking to buy a car from this korean automaker, ensure that you enquire about these savings from the dealer!