Hyundai Ioniq Scooter Concept Revealed at CES 2017


Hyundai Ioniq scooter concept can be stored in the front door of the Ioniq EV; offers last mile transportation

Hyundai has showcased the Ioniq scooter concept at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas, which could be offered to the Ioniq EV customers. The scooter can be kept in the front doors of the electric car. This foldable scooter provides the customers first and last mile transportation solution. Interestingly, Hyundai showcased that the scooter can be positioned in the front door of the car instead of the boot. This was probably to show the accessibility of this model.

The scooter comes as pretty lightweight and that enables the owner to carry it easily. It gets front and rear LED lights offering the rider better visibility. Also it comes with a sleek digital display, but don’t imagine a conventional instrument cluster. The right handlebar of this scooter sports a thumb switch, with which the machine can be operated.


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The rider can scroll the thumb switch up and down to accelerate and de-accelerate the scooter. Braking can be also done by pushing down a pad located over the rear wheel. Power source for the Hyundai Ioniq scooter is a tiny electric motor. Hyundai has provided an occupant sensor to this scooter that detects whether the rider is aboard or not.

Hyundai is yet to disclose any technical specification of the Ioniq scooter. So, the informations like range, power output is still unknown. The digital instrument cluster of the scooter shows it can reach at least 19 kmph. The South Korean automaker says, the scooter is still only in concept form and production of this model hasn’t been started.


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No wonder, the Ioniq scooter complements the Ioniq electric car perfectly. The Korean auto giant has showcased a self-driving concept model of Toyota Prius rival at 2016 LA Auto Show. The car comes as one of the most significant models among the company’s futuristic environment-friendly vehicles.

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