Hyundai Ioniq All-Electric Concept Revealed


Hyundai Ioniq all-electric concept revealed; will be offered in traditional hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions as well from next year

Hyundai has unveiled a new concept called Ioniq that will be offered with three electric powertrain options and expected to arrive at foreign markets late next year. The Ioniq is the first all-electric concept from Hyundai and will have a versatile body to let customers choose from three powertrain options available namely electric, plug-in gasoline/electric hybrid or gasoline/electric hybrid.

In 2013, Hyundai Motor became the first car manufacturer to mass produce a hydrogen-fuelled vehicle, the ix35 Fuel Cell. Following its footsteps, the Ioniq is set to be launched globally in January 2016 in Korea before making European debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show in March followed by the New York International Auto show.


The IONIQ name came about for three separate reasons: ION describes the electrically-charged atom that bonds particles which substitutes for the three electric powertrains here. I refers to Hyundai’s environmental commitment and Q inscribed in the car’s logo makes for the company’s new approach on low-emission and hybrid vehicles.

Depicted as the launch pad for Hyundai to become the leader of the zero-emission car market, the Ioniq concept will deliver class-leading fuel efficiency alongside driving pleasure and awe-inspiring performance claims the company. The highly-advanced alternative fuel concept will be available with EV, PHEV and HEV powertrains.

The South Korean manufacturer claims that this will be first model to come boasting with three powertrain options but in truth there are certain other car makers who have pursued that path already. BMW, Nissan, Tesla and General Motors have gone with producing new models as their electric mobility solutions whilst Honda, Ford, Mercedes and Toyota have electrified their existing line-up of cars in European and US markets.


The Ioniq will be built on a specifically new platform to accommodate the car’s multiple powertrain options. The chassis is optimised to bring the best out of each hybrid powerplant whilst delivering best in-car feel as well as high-degree of performance.

Here’s the explanation to the three powertrains Hyundai is trying to sell this model with: The Ioniq’s all-electric (EV) form means it’s powered by a high capacity lithium ion battery to give out longer range. The plug-in hybrid version(PHEV) allows for a chargeable battery that can be plugged in to an electricity power unit to boost the range of the vehicle whilst minimising emissions.

The hybrid model (HEV) uses petrol engine and kinetic energy derived upon motion of the car to charge the battery on-board whilst maintaining the power developed by the internal combustion engine unabated.

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