Hyundai To Showcase Its New Intelligent Personal Agent At CES


Hyundai’s Intelligent Personal Agent comes following Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant; developed in association with SoundHound

Hyundai has been working on smart connectivity features for quite some time. As part of the brand’s research and development process for futuristic artificial intelligence system, Hyundai has developed a new Intelligent Personal Agent that is set to debut at CES 2018 scheduled next month.

This Intelligent Personal Agent comes in line with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It has been developed in co-operation with SoundHound. Hyundai claims, this service is proactive and it can anticipate the need of driver. The system responds with a wake up command ‘Hi, Hyundai’ and it allows the driver to make and receive phone calls, send and read text messages. Also, drive can use it to check the weather simply by speaking.


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Apart from the above mentioned functions, this system also helps the driver by performing other tasks like locking doors, opening and closing the sunroof, operating climate control system. Also, it can give the driver reminder about an upcoming meeting or suggesting a time when should the owner leave to reach a destination depending on the present traffic conditions.

As Hyundai says, a very interesting feature of the Intelligent Personal Agent is the multiple command recognition. With this feature, the system allows the user to say multiple commands one sentence. This way, the user can make the system perform multiple tasks with a single command.

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Initially this system will understand only English and more languages will be added at later stage. The Intelligent Personal Agent will be introduced to Hyundai vehicles in 2019 and we will get to see a simpler version of this technology at the next generation fell-cell vehicles from the brand that will commence testing in South Korea from next year.

Smart in-car technology is something almost every global auto major is working on for quite some time. Hyundai too doesn’t want to stay behind in the race. We can expect this new technology to play key role in the future autonomous cars from the brand.