Hyundai Inaugurates Premium Dealership In Leh, Togo Hyundai

Togo- Hyundai-Leh India- Dealershsip

Hyundai Inaugurates Premium Dealership In Leh, will also have a large service area and will give mobility to locals

Hyundai Motor India today inaugurated its highest premium dealership, Togo Hyundai in Leh. Built at the highest altitude of 1,1184 feet from sea level, Togo Hyundai will offer a premium experience to the customers in India. Togo Hyundai is situated in the state of J&K, the facility Togo Hyundai, the new showroom, is spread across a total built up area of 11811 sq. feet and boasts of a capacity of 2156 sq. feet to showcase the range of Hyundai cars, 9655 sq. feet space is used as the service workshop cars logo emblem

The new premium dealership is an initiative to meet customer needs of owning Hyundai cars in one of the remotest and toughest terrain in the world. Togo Hyundai dealerships features an open, airy showroom with floor-to-ceiling glass structure. The interior of the new showrooms includes a more contemporary atmosphere which is visually appealing with a touch of modern comforts and warm lighting. All of this premium dealerships are part of Hyundai’s Global Dealership Space Identity (GDSI) program. Hyundai is set to bar higher and wants to compete with the likes of Volkswagen and other premium manufacturers as premium cars from the brand will coming into the market soon.Togo- Hyundai-Leh India- Dealershsip

Under this new campaign, all of Hyundai dealerships across the world will get one unified look. The new showroom design is aimed to strengthen the concept to improve customer service, brand experience and the overall dealership appearance for visitors. By this year-end, 140 dealerships will be GDSI ready and by 2018 all Hyundai dealerships in India will incorporate GDSI as well. ‘Togo Hyundai’ is situated near 1, Airport Road, Skalzangling, LEH (J & K), Pin No. 194101.

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