Hyundai’s Future Design Will Be Inspired By Nature And Insects


The Korean manufacturer has asked the designers to study insects and learnt the aerodynamics of perfect flying and their structures

Design is one of the important criteria for buyers as people prefer stylish cars which suit their personality. In the recent years, Hyundai designs have evolved a lot and the products have become more beautiful. The Fluidic design theme was the change for Hyundai and made them popular among customers for their design.

First generation Verna was not so popular in India but the fluidic Verna changed fortunes for the product and sales were really good. Then the company followed up with fluidic design version 2 which is the updated design theme based on the first generation fluidic design theme. Now the company is looking forward to take the design theme to next level.

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Hyundai-Design-Future-3Chung Eui-sun said during an interview said that the company is looking at nature to influence the design of vehicles especially for self-driving ones. The Korean manufacturer has asked the designers to study insects and learnt the aerodynamics of perfect flying and their structures. For mobility technology, we have to study their skins, antennae and joints.

One of the example he point out is to spiders which has 8 eyes and similarly autonomous cars comes with more than 10 cameras sensors such as LiDAR and radars to monitor the surrounding and road ahead to safely move. There are so many things we can learn and implement from insects on future cars to make our life better.

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Hyundai-Design-Future-2Ching Eui-sun also revealed that the company is not just looking at design as they are looking at Hologram technology and the company want to be leader in this technology. Hyundai is working on holograms that can display inside the car or dashboards and even in passenger seat which can be controlled by the voice system. The Korean manufacturer wants to be far ahead of everyone on hologram technology.

Hyundai is also working on other technologies like hybrid system and alternative fuels. The company is working on electric cars for global market and especially for China. Along with EVs, Hyundai is focusing on hydrogen fuel cell cars and they are catching up with petrol and diesel powered cars in some parts of the world.