Hyundai Files Trademark For ‘Bayon’ Name; A New Model In The Works

Hyundai 45 Concept

We have received a report that Hyundai has filed a trademark for a new name – Bayon – for an upcoming car in the international market

Hyundai Motor Company is the largest carmaker based in South Korea, with operations in different countries all over the world. Hyundai also operates through its subsidiaries, which include Kia, Genesis, and the recently established EV brand – Ioniq. In India, Hyundai is the second-largest carmaker by sales volume, controlling 17.78 per cent share of the passenger market directly, along with Kia holding 3.05 per cent share in FY20.

In May 2020, Hyundai had filed for a new trademark – Bayon – for a new upcoming model. The trademark has been filed under EUIPO and World IPO, suggesting that this model will be an international one. The trademark has been listed for the following: Automobiles; sports cars; vans (vehicles); trucks; motor buses; electric vehicles; parts and accessories for automobiles.

Due to the all-encompassing nature of this trademark, it is hard to judge which upcoming car will bear this nameplate. It could certainly be possible that Hyundai hasn’t yet finalised the car, and is just filing a trademark for the future. We expect the vehicle to make its way to Europe first, followed by other international markets later.

Hyundai Trademarks Bayon name

While the details of this new model are a complete mystery, we can speculate based on the information available to us. Let’s begin with Hyundai’s latest subsidiary; the Ioniq sub-brand was recently launched, and the company has plans to launch three new models under this brand by 2024. That said, the Ioniq models will follow a numerical naming strategy, so we’re sure that this new trademark isn’t intended for it.

Similarly, the Genesis brand follows an alpha-numeric nomenclature (G70, G80, GV80), so this couldn’t be for it either. That leaves us with the two most viable options – Kia and Hyundai. Kia upcoming electric crossover SUV was spied recently (codenamed CV), which will be the first car to be based on the e-GMP platform.

Kia CV EV SUV spy picture 1

The e-GMP platform is a dedicated EV platform, engineered specifically to accommodate the company’s next-generation EV powertrains. According to sources, the vehicle will offer a driving range of over 500 km, and will have a charging time of under 20 minutes (via a fast charger). This car sure seems like a good fit, although this is just our speculation, and we can’t confirm any details at the moment. Stay tuned to for further developments on the matter.