Hyundai Elite i20: 5 Extremely Modified Examples From India


Elite i20 is quite popular in the Indian market, with its European looks, any number of modifications on the hatchback looks quite attractive

The Hyundai Elite i20 has become one of the most popular premium hatchbacks in India. The i20 was one of the first cars to be launched in the segment and is the second best selling product in the segment after the Baleno.

The new Hyundai Elite i20 looks quite attractive and gets European design language. The Hyundai Elite i20 looks sharp and with a few visual modifications, it can become the head turner on the road. Here are five such examples of the Elite i20 that have been modified tastefully.

1. Beautiful blue

The Hyundai Elite i20 is quite a good looking car. The owner of this Elite i20 has taken it to another level with the extreme modification. The hatchback gets a wide body kit and an electric blue body colour that makes it difficult to miss on the roads.

The modified Elite i20 gets mesh black grille at the front, which is much larger in size than the stock one. It also gets mesh grille in place of the fog lamp housings and a black beading connecting both the fog lamps. It also gets a spiller at the bottom that gives it a very sporty and aggressive look.


To give it a wide body look, the Elite i20 gets a scoop on the hood and of course, it is non-functional. The headlamp housing is the same but the elements inside have been upgraded with projector lamps and angel eye DRL. The fenders also get extra muscle with bolt-on wide wheel arches. It also gets underbody spoiler all around that further gives it a very sporty stance. It also gets larger wheels and deep dish aftermarket alloy wheels.

2. The Hulk!

The colour alone of this vehicle would have been enough to grab the attention on the road but it gets much more than that. It is based on the new i20 and gets a range of modifications that make it look much different from the stock car. The front bumper of the car has been changed completely. But retains the air dam and the grille. The air dam gets black mesh grille while the fog lamp housings also get the same kind of mesh grille.


The stock headlamps have been upgraded to projector lamps with angel eye DRL. It also gets the heavy air scoop on the bonnet. The side of the Elite i20 has been bolstered with wider wheel arches that the overall width of the vehicle. The deep dish steel rims complement the overall look of the vehicle quite well. It also gets dual tone body paint with the black paint job done on pillars and roof of the car.

3. Slammed

This is a slammed Elite i20 that looks extremely good. Lowered cars are not very popular in India because of the sad state of the road conditions but a few brave ones do lower their vehicle that improves the stance of the vehicle but it becomes quite difficult to take it to the rough stretches. The slammed Elite i20 seen here looks extremely well.

Hyundai-Elite-i20-modified-3The i20 seen above gets lowering springs that bring down the ground clearance by a good few millimetres. Also, the owner has added aftermarket 17-inch rims that make the vehicle look extremely beautiful. Other changes include a front bumper splitter and auxiliary lamps mounted on the main grille. All the chrome has been deleted to ensure the brawny look.

4. Loud

This Elite i20 does not get many modifications but it surely looks extremely loud on the roads. This modification example is from Kerala and gets a few loud modifications. To start with, it gets bright red coloured alloy wheels with extra wide tyres.


It exceeds the width of the body. The same red colour can be seen on the lower bumper and the grille of the car. There are two flashers at the front and a tow hook painted in bright yellow colour has been installed too. The ORVMs are also wrapped in a very shiny and bright colour.

5. Bright!


This is an extremely bright colour which is not available with Hyundai dealers. This Elite i20 has been modified by Kit Up! And it looks superb. It gets a matte yellow vinyl wrap that instantly changes the way it looks. Moreover, the car also gets all-black alloy wheels and smoked headlamps and tail lamps that are very contrasting to the yellow colour on the body.