Hyundai Developing Its Own Unique Android Auto App

The future Hyundai cars to sport Android Auto App developed by the Korean automaker


Mobile connectivity is certainly one of the technologies every automaker is developing and improving now a days. With the growing need for technology filled products, automakers are developing their own technologies. Similar to Apple CarPlay, the Android Auto is a very popular platform, which enables the android smartphones to connect to the in-car systems, and therefore it enables the owner to operate the mobile functions from the in-car touchscreen infotainment system.

South Korean auto giant Hyundai is known for their innovative automotive technologies apart from making stylish and efficient cars. In 2015 the automaker introduced the Android Auto to the Sonata, which made the company first do so. The automaker is now developing its own Android App, which would make its way into the future Hyundai cars. This Hyundai specific Android App will come with Hyundai specific functionalities. Earlier this week, Hyundai has demonstrated the Android App christened as ‘MyHyundai’ in an Elantra at the Google I/O event.

MyHyundai Android Auto App will offer several features which will be Hyundai specific

So, what does MyHyundai offer? The Hyundai specific app will act like the usual Android Auto app. Therefore it will offer Google map navigation, Google Now voice command system and various other internet services, which is available in the Android Auto. Added to the standard features, the Hyundai developed Android Auto app will offer special features, specifically developed for the Hyundai cars.

MyHyundai ioffers several usual Android Auto features as well

The new app will come with features like Call Roadside, Monthly Vehicle Report, Valet Mode, Hyundai Service etc. All these features will act as Hyundai specific features. The app will also offer the features, already available in Hyundai BlueLink app. The Hyundai specific Android Auto app is expected to launch by the end of 2016.

Let’s take a look what the MyHyundai app special features offer:

Call Roadside – With this feature the owner can dial the Hyundai Roadside assistance.
Monthly Vehicle Report – This feature will show the latest reports on the car.
Valet Mode – With this feature the owner can toggle the Blue Link valet alert.
Hyundai Service – This feature will locate and show the preferred and nearest dealer with quick action buttons like call and navigate.

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