Hyundai Dec 2020 Model Wise Sales – i10, i20, Aura, Creta, Venue, Verna

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Hyundai posted 47,400 units in December 2020 with 25 per cent sales growth as Venue, Creta and Grand i10 Nios led the way

Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) garnered a total of 47,400 units in the final month of 2020 as against 37,953 units during the same period last year with a massive Year-on-Year sales surge of 25 per cent. The Venue was the most sold model within the brand’s domestic range as 12,313 units were recorded against 9,521 units in December 2019.

This led to a volume surge of 29 per cent on YoY basis. Second came the Creta mid-size SUV with 10,592 units as against 6,713 units with a highly appreciable 58 per cent sales growth. Ever since the second generation launched in March 2020, the Creta got back to the top of the sales charts in its segment by beating Kia Seltos.

The Creta posted the highest volume tally for an SUV last year and its momentum is expected to continue through this year as well. The Grand i10 Nios finished in third position with 10,263 units as against 7,598 units in December 2019 with 35 per cent growth. The third generation launched back in 2019 is certainly playing into the hands of the South Korean brand.

Model (YoY) December 2020 Sales December 2019 Sales
1. Hyundai Venue (29%) 12,313 9,521
2. Hyundai Creta (58%) 10,592  6,713
3. Hyundai Grand i10 Nios (35%) 10,263 7,598
4. Hyundai i20 (3%) 8,004 7,740
5. Hyundai Aura (173%) 3,113 1,139
6. Hyundai Santro (-49%) 1,960 3,820
7. Hyundai Verna (-20%) 1,036 1,295
8. Hyundai Tucson (-13%) 80 92
9. Hyundai Kona (100%) 24 12
10. Hyundai Elantra (-35%) 15 23
Total (25%) 47,400 37,953

The third generation Hyundai i20 debuted only a few months ago and its volume numbers are expected to improve further in 2021. Last month, just over 8,000 i20s were sold in India as against 7,740 units during the same period in 2019 with 3 per cent growth. The Aura compact sedan ended up fifth with 3,113 units as against 1,139 units with 173 per cent surge in sales.

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The Santro nameplate made its comeback into the domestic market in late 2018. Despite being the most affordable Hyundai model, the hatchback could not post consistent sales and last month, 1,960 units were recorded against 3,820 units with 49 per cent de-growth. The Verna finished seventh with 1,036 units as against 1,295 units with 20 per cent decline.

The Tucson could only manage to register 80 units in December 2020 as against 92 units with 13 per cent de-growth while the Kona Electric posted 24 units with 100 per cent volume increase. The Elantra flagship sedan finished last with just 15 units to its credit.