Hyundai Creta Latin NCAP Ratings Stand At 4 Stars

Hyundai Creta Crash Test

Hyundai Creta Latin NCAP ratings show that the India made car scored 4 stars with just two airbags, side impact testing will begin in EuroNCAP

Hyundai Creta undoubtedly the most hyped car in the country and now the most awarded car in the country as well. With over one lakh bookings and 7,000 monthly shipping it continues to be top of the chart and challenging rural cars like Bolero in terms of numbers. High hopes are on the back of Hyundai as the SUV has to do everything right from mild off-roading to being the safest car in the crash.

Hyundai Creta Latin NCAP ratings are finally here and the numbers are quite impressive for which the test stands at. Front impact with two airbags results in four star rating which is quite impressive. Since base variants have no side airbags we cannot comment on the same but it does look it should clear the tests. European’s will begin all sort of tests which includes right from side impact to pedestrian safety to give us a complete take on the India made Hyundai Creta.

Hyundai Creta European version will have all six airbags as standard on all variants it should score quite well. However, the news overall is positive with the Creta as the Indian made car has global standards which was internally criticized and doubted in which the car maker demonstrated two cars being crashed in front of the world to show build quality is same.

Hyundai Creta Latin NCAP

In India, we do not get airbags as standard on base variants but it starts from the third variant out of the six. However we do get ABS and EBD as standard on all variants. Indian testing facility is all set to start in late 2016 or early 2017, which will make sure car makers pass all test at home base itself before going to the market.

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