Hyundai Creates A Beautiful Art Car To Celebrate Tucson N Line

hyundai tucson n line art car 2

It took 72 hours for illustration artist Andreas Preis to convert a regular Hyundai Tucson N Line into an art car

A few days ago, Hyundai unveiled its first-ever N performance SUV based on the Tucson and it gathered quite an attention. Despite not having any power and torque upgrades, the Tucson N has stiffened the suspension and tweaked steering to infuse sportiness into the ride quality.

Furthermore, the exterior updates are deceptively appealing. To celebrate the Tucson N, Hyundai has come up with an art car idea that has been a recent trend among manufacturers before showcasing the actual product to the public or it could be created to pay tribute to something special.

Hyundai and illustration artist Andreas Preis have joined hands for this project to create a specialised Tucson N Line art car under the theme ‘Drive A Statement’. The art car is a combination of corners, chicanes, chequered flags and chicanes as Hyundai blended its motorsport heritage into a fine piece of illustration.

hyundai tucson n line art car

It also gets inspired by the racing liveries used in i20 Coupe WRC rally machine and i30 N TCR touring car. The art car uses Engine Red paint scheme as the base while the entire design features black, red, white and light blue colours synonymous with the N Line.

The Hyundai Tucson N Line art car demonstrates the aggressive exterior changes on the Tucson N as well as the updated front grille, reworked LED Daytime Running Lights, black bezels on the headlamps, black accents on the wing mirrors, integrated rear spoiler and dark-themed alloy wheels can be clearly seen.

hyundai tucson n line art car 1

Preis took 72 hours to paint the illustration on the Tucson N and kudos to him for such an elegant creation. Hyundai wants the performance SUV to be a “special new model” as it wants the Tucson N to appeal for customers beyond the regular model’s fanbase. The art car will soon be displayed around events in Europe and it will be available for sale in the Old continent soon. Hyundai does not have any plans regarding a launch in the United States.