Hyundai Converts Car Designs Made By Indian Kids Into Working Models

Hyundai Brilliant Kids Motor Show 2018 2

Hyundai’s first-ever Brilliant Kids Motor Show sees a number of futuristic concepts and innovations being converted into full-scale working models

Hyundai Motor India Limited is known for hosting unique student initiatives and it has announced today the country’s first-ever Brilliant Kids Motor Show. Contested between November 14 and December 4 at the Ambience Mall in Gurugram, the exhibition is to showcase the innovative minds and kindle their passion for design by nurturing the spirits of youngsters.

The Brilliant Kids Motor Show 2018 has received tremendous response from educational institutions and over 5,000 entries were registered. Having carefully evaluated each of them, Hyundai had shortlisted the top eight and brought their ideas into real life working prototypes for the general people to admire and instigate their sense of innovation.

The top eight design concepts are based on the clean energy resources, positive impact on the environment and sustainability. Hyundai says they stand by the company’s aim of providing smart mobility solutions and enhance the future technologies. For instance, one of the concepts at the Brilliant Kids Motor Show 2018 stems from the idea of a car than can clean oceans.

A battery-powered electric vehicle that can be propelled using renewable sources such as wind and solar energy. Another concept deals with a zero-emission car running on plastic and can absorb CO2 while a peculiar innovation is a car that can clean roads and use the litter back to fuel. Hyundai is confident that these “Young Drivers of Tomorrow” will act as revolutionaries in terms of future mobility’s design and technology.

Hyundai Brilliant Kids Motor Show 2018

The unique campaign, for kids across different parts of India, kicked off back in July 2018 and it runs till December 2018. Initially out of the 50 entries chosen from 5,000, 16 were further filtered down by external adjudicators based on design, practicality, concept and innovation parameters. Following the mentoring session, 8 kids were awarded as winners.

The winners are Manya Arora from Manav Rachna International School in Gurugram, Kirtan Jain from D.G. Ketan in Mumbai, Innaya Sharma and Riddhima Tiwari from K.R. Mangalam World School in Gurugram, Maulik Bansal from Prabhu Dayal Public School in New Delhi, Prachi Gupta and Advay Goel from K.R. Mangalam World School in Gurugram, and Sanidhya Garg from Step By Step School in Ghaziabad.

Concepts At Brilliant Kids Motor Show