Hyundai Believes SUVs Have More Potential Than MPVs in India

Hyundai believes SUVs have more potential than MPVs in India; two new models will be launched every year for sustained growth and to catch up Maruti Suzuki

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It is a very well known fact that we Indian customers are very keen about SUVs. The rugged-looking boxy shaped tough cars always are Indian customer’s cup of tea. This is why, in recent times, several automakers have tried to introduce SUVs or compact SUVs in the Indian market. Hyundai is at the forefront of them. The South Korean automaker is set to introduce another SUV in form of Tucson, which will hit the Indian showrooms later this year.

In an interview conducted by ET Auto with the Hyundai Motor India Limited’s Managind Director Mr. Y K Koo said, SUVs have much more potential in India than MPVs. Talking about Hyundai’s stalled MPV project Mr. Koo said, the large SUVs are popular in the country because of road conditions. He also stated the next Hyundai compact SUV will be coming in two years. Hyundai has been in business in the country for last 20 years. Hyundai India MD admits that the Indian market is a very important market for the automaker as the country contributes 13% of total sales for the brand.

hyundai tucson
Hyundai Tucson will be launched in India later this year

On 23rd September, 1998 Hyundai launched the Santro, which became an immensely popular model in the country. It was India’s first tallboy design car. It also brought the multi point fuel injection technology to the carburetor engine dominating Indian market. In the first four months only the Santro sold 8,447 units. Next year in 1999 the automaker sold a total of 60,000 units of the car. The Santro played a major role to establish the brand in the country. Last year the company sold a total of 6.43 lakh units comprising all the models. Among these 6.43 lakh units, 1.67 lakh units were exported.

Hyundai Santro was the first tallboy designed car of India, and it also brought multi point fuel injection technology to the country

Hyundai India is set to introduce at least two new models in Indian market every year. The automaker is also developing new models with new technology, concept and design with higher localization ratio. Hyundai India believes, this strategy will drive them to the market leadership spot.

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