Hyundai Becomes World’s Third Largest Automaker – Beating GM & Stellantis

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Hyundai is not only the second best-selling car brand in the country but is also dominating the global sales volume

Hyundai recently became the third best-selling car manufacturer in the global market by volume after leaving behind GM and Stellantis. The Korean carmaker is now trailing behind Toyota and Volkswagen group in the list and is also dominating the Indian market with its feature-rich and VFM products.

The Korean carmaker was founded back in December 1967 and has first time reported more sales than GM and Stellantis. For starters, Hyundai reported strong growth in production and sales in 2021 and managed to sell over 6.6 million cars worldwide. For a quick comparison, Toyota sold around 10.5 million cars in the same year and secured the first position while Volkswagen registered a total sales of 8.9 million cars in 2021.

In the year 2022, it is said to make over 20 per cent more revenue when compared to 2021. The latest mark comes after the Korea-based brand registered strong growth in North America as countries like the USA, Canada, and Mexico contributed around 21 per cent of the total sales in 2021.

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It is worth noting that the total number of cars sold in the North American market is almost 17 per cent. The brand is currently working on improving sales in North America and is soon likely to build a new EV plant in the US. It is also working on becoming the second-largest EV maker in the US after beating Ford.

For those wondering, Tesla is the best-selling electric brand in the US. Hyundai is also working on improving the sales of the Genesis brand to tackle the rivals like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi. In the Indian market, Hyundai is currently working on launching the new Creta facelift and the Hyundai Verna next-gen model in next couple of months.

Both cars will be offered with features like a large sunroof, projector lights, push-button start, digital instrument console, and more. It is also working on expanding its EV portfolio for the Indian market as it plans to launch the new Kona EV and the Ioniq 5 within the next few months.