Hyundai Becomes Australia’s Bestselling Automotive Brand for the First Time

Hyundai is world’s fourth largest automaker and second largest is Asia


Hyundai became the best selling automobile brand in Australia in April 2016 in terms of monthly sales. It is the first time in the South Korean automaker’s history that the brand has achieved this feat. Although in Australian market Toyota and Mazda is very popular brands, but Hyundai has beat both these automakers.

In April, 2016 Hyundai has sold 8643 cars, which include a total of 6324 units of passenger cars. The rest are SUVs and commercial vehicles. The sold volume of the passenger cars, which is 6324 units; occupied 17.2 per cent of the total passenger car sales in Australian market in April 2016.

hyundai i30 go edition geneva 2016

Hyundai i30 was the top selling model from the brand in last month in Australian market. 4143 units of the Hyundai i30 were sold which occupies the largest part of the total Hyundai cars sold in last month. Incidentally, such a success came at an expense of a discounted price for the Hyundai i30. Apart from that Hyundai Accent were sold a total of 1555 units in last month. The compact sedan beat the Mazda 2 and the Toyota Yaris in its segment in Australian market last month, as the Mazda 2 sold 1051 units and the Toyota Yaris sold 930 units.

Among the other automakers present in the Australian automobile market Toyota held the second position with a total of 6035 units, while the Mazda sold 4062 units to stay at the third spot. Among others, Holden sold 3514 units, German automaker Volkswagen sold 3068 units, Ford sold 2045 units, Kia sold 2011 units. Among the three famous German luxury automakers Mercedes Benz stayed at the top with 1850 units sold in April 2016, while the BMW sold 1298 units and Audi sold 1131 units.

10 top selling brands (Passenger car; April, 2016):
Hyundai: 6324 units
Toyota: 6035 units
Mazda: 4062 units
Holden: 3514 units
Volkswagen: 3068 units
Ford: 2045 units
Kia: 2011 units
Mercedes Benz: 1850 units
BMW: 1298 units
Audi: 1131 units

Source: Caradvice

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