Hyperloop India Partners Ketto for Superfast Pod Transportation


Hyperloop India has tied up with crowd funding platform Ketto to raise funds for building pod for superfast transportation system

Hyperloop India has partnered with crowd funding platform Ketto to raise funds for building for the ultra fast transportation system using SpaceX’s advanced magnetic levitation technology. Hyperloop India is the first and only team from India, and one of the two teams from Asia that has been selected to build and race their Hyperloop pod on the Spacex track.

The Hyperloop India comprises more than 80 students from various institutions like BITS Pilani, Indian School of Business and IIM Ahmedabad as well. Hyperlopp India team’s scaled down pod prototype OrcaPd has been selected for the final stage of SpaceX’s Hyperloop Pod Design competition that is drawing competitors from across the world. It has partnered with Workbench Projects for building the 4×2 metre pod at the latter’s facility in Bangalore.


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Hyperloop India’s team lead and founder Mr. Sibesh kar said that his team needs Rs. 75 lakh to build the pod and Rs. 35 lakh has been already raised from various corporate companies. For the rest of the money it has partnered with Ketto. Through this platform Hyperloop India and Workbench Projects expect to collect around Rs. 30 lakh.

Ketto has started the fund raising campaign under the title Join the Loop and it is inviting contributions from all over the world. The fund raising campaign will go on for next 45 days. Interestingly, Hyperloop India is one of the five teams from around the world to participate in the competition Hyperloop One Global Challenge.


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Hyperloop India designed OrcaPod is claimed to be capable of running at a speed of 460 kmph, once it is built. The soul theory of the Hyperloop is transporting passengers and goods inside capsules through a specially built vacuum tube positioned above the ground. These capsules will be able to run at a speed of more than 1,000 kmph. Hyperloop Transport Technologies has already expressed its desire to start such projects across India.

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